Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Faux-Hawaiian Weekend Staycation

I've been in a bit of a mood lately. I've hit a slump in the job. I'm still not used to working every day... forever... and so at times I do get very antsy. I like the feeling of a beginning, middle, and end, so for a job to just keep going every day... well, there's not enough interesting things going on and I'm needing to make up stuff to keep it interesting. It's fine. I know it will pass. The constant gloomy weather doesn't help either. I'm also distracted by plenty of good stuff. It's a funny time.

I know it's only been 2 months since I've gotten myself out of town, but that's roughly one month too long. When you live in 400 sq ft, when you work with only 3 other people, and since I've been a good person and have kept the socializing to a minimum... well, you kinda itch to get off the scene if you catch my drift. Did I also mention the weather is giving me the blues?

Saturday I joined Amy in her neck of the woods-ish. I hauled it out to Tung Chung, on Launtau island by the airport, to meet her for coffee. She told me to come prepared for whatever could be in store for us later, so I brought my harmonica. From door to door it took me about an hour, but only a 30 minute train ride. I don't mind heading out there every once in a while to get out of Central. And I always enjoy gabbing it up with Amy. I don't see her enough. She usually enjoys a coffee on Saturdays while Aaron plays soccer.

When the boys were done with soccer, we headed back to A Team's house. They live just across from the beach and the boys still had enough time to catch some waves. Because of that typhoon in China or Taiwan or wherever that was, the waves were pretty decent! This is a rare occurrence and everything lined up nicely.

It was wonderful wonderful wonderful. We refreshed ourselves back at the house and spent the rest of the evening gabbing and singing to a guitar and throwing back some cold beverages. It was nice to enjoy each others' company and we didn't even get to playing Rock Band! We played a little poker, had some philosophical discussions, and passed the F out. Amy made a wonderful fritatta breakfast the next day and we went to the beach for one final round before kicking the weekend to the curb.

Because we weren't really doing anything, the weekend seemed a little bit longer, but never long enough. The hospitality dished out by our lovely hosts the A Team was so great it really felt like we were on vacation.

Once again, by this post you would never have guessed I live in Hongkers.

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