Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Beso party 1
It pays to have friends in the wine industry.
Cora, Me, Joel, Phoebe, and Kiran
No one pictured is in the wine industry.

beso party 2
Here we go.
Me and Chun Ling, my wine friend.

I met Chun Ling at Rachel's going away party early spring, and I've been a regular attendee of her monthly wine tastings. Being friends with an insider is pretty sweet. We drink for free, and then continue to guzzle once the regular crowd is gone and the shop is closed. One time we even ordered pizza. Then we head out for more drinks, and all of this is very dangerous activity for a Wednesday evening.

Chun Ling has the most divine British accent, and on special occasions throws a party or two.

beso party 4
This special event was held at the NoHo bar Beso, featuring indulgent chocolates shipped in that day from Europe, and tasty chocolate infused cocktails.

My first flaming lamborghini
It was also the scene of my first Flaming Lamborghini

My first flaming lamborghini
I think I caught a little fire down the throat, but at least none of the flames scorched my hair.


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