Monday, June 25, 2007

The Return of Friendship


You all deserve better. Friendship's been a little lacking lately, but I feel a resurgence. My iweb blog was fun for a minute, but this blog has been endless amounts of fun. Worldwidejag isn't going anywhere, but Old School Friendship Night is officially back.

And so, to kick off our return, let's do what we do best. Bring on the pictures!

Last Saturday we had a Mega-Summer-Kick off-Bash at Jeffrey's. Friends from all over came to join us, and it was a night of drinking, laughs, dancing, and more drinking. I think it's great when several different worlds collide.

The CoHosts
Jeff and I and I don't know how many Jager shots later...

Killing the Pinata
Killing the pinata filled with 99 cent store goodies such as candy, scrunchies, condoms, lube, and thongs.

More fun can be seen on my flickr

And if you want to see even more fun, Lorelei and Ian's pics are posted in our flickr group and Jeffrey's are on snapfish. Find one of us and we'll let you share in the crazy.

I can't even tell you how much fun that weekend was. Partly because the insanity lingered until Wednesday morning. Mostly because some of my favorite people were there.

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Dave Lowe said...

Welcome back.