Thursday, November 11, 2010

UCLA vs UA: Football 2010

I love football and I love tailgating and I love my wildcats and a handful of special frenemies... but officially these are the things I miss most being a world away.

I was lucky enough to be home for a UCLA vs Arizona game at the Rose Bowl, and super duper lucky because I had so many of my lovies with me. My homegirls from high school (even though our friendship has really taken off in adulthood, it's nice having friends you've known for half your life!), college friends, my sis, and even a visiting friend from HK!

Exceptionally special because it was my godson's first football game... and Halloween weekend! I couldn't have produced more magic than all this.

More pictures, love, rivalry and baby after the jump...

The game was set for 12:30 pm which meant an early rise for carpool and tailgating. I spent the previous night at the life partner's with her hub... a night like any other we've been having for past several years. It's good to be home with them. Gems are born from moments like these, such as E's:

"Why am I more Bruin than American or Catholic?"

I think we may need to put that on a t-shirt.

The troops gathered at their house in the morn, we loaded the cars with adult beverages and bacon, and we were off to the Rose Bowl.

Tailgating is like Christmas for me. Outside, in the grass, under blue sky (all things I don't really get in hk), a time when it's completely acceptable to gorge and daytime drink. It helps when you get to do this with your besties.

I've had the pleasure of watching a couple AZ games at the Rose Bowl before, and our tailgating setup has really evolved over the years. It helps that E & Life Partner are equipped with some good camping gear. And it's possible that we had more chairs than people. Eggs, bacon, mimosas, beer, fruit, flapjacks, a little bit of everything from Trader Joes... we were all beyond happy.

Life partner and baby friend!

E spent a lot of time behind the grill. He's an outdoor chef extraordinaire!

I love this kid so much this picture makes me so happy.

Team Becker! Pretty sure I have a picture of Noesha in the same pose 4 years ago at the last football extravaganza.

The Godfather and the kiddo.

Oh yeah, check out some pics from the game!

The first half was pretty good, then the last half was very blaaaaahhh. Oh Wildcats!

Joblio happened to be in LA that day from Hongkie town. AND he asked me to be a groomsgirl at his wedding! Score!

As not to be outnumbered by all my Bruin friends, L & J were able to join us for the game. They were our Media Arts TAs!

Final Score: Arizona 29 UCLA 21.

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