Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wong Nai Chung Gap Hike

hangover historical hike with harmonica. WWII pillbox!

On Saturday, Cang and I went on a very easy hike. Easy but rewarding. The trek to the actual hike was more challenging than the trail. Our hike was quiet and we only came across a couple of other people in an open clearing. The rest of the way, we came across WWII remnants, an old Chinese wall, random tables... like we had stumbled upon an ancient abandoned civilization.

Since the trail is very easy, and lined with cool things along the way, I'd like to use the space for some kind of war reenactment. It didn't feel right to wander through there without weapons and pith helmets... you know, just like the colonial days!

As we wandered, Cang read narration for the historical trail, and when we took a break I played us a little song on the harmonica.

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