Sunday, December 09, 2007

That One Time in the Phillipines

Time for a backdated post.


Last month during the Thailand/Hong Kong/Philippines power trip, we spent one day in Manila to enjoy some Filipino treats and see family.

That's the Jag store. Unfortunately everything in there is sized for a pre-teen American. I did find a store with items that would fit me. Not Lane Bryant, not Torrid, not with items marked plus sized... this place was simply called Tubby. Should have taken a picture.

I did grab a picture of this:
I'll have to ask them to explain themselves next time.

This is a scrumptious treat that I highly recommend. A flan-topped dessert is definitely for happiness making. Roughly around this time, a government official was being gunned down outside our hotel across the street.

We had a big lunch with a handful of family, and this is me with a few of my cousins. Turns out we all watch Heroes and Grey's Anatomy. And we prefer McDreamy.

The other white meat.

I haven't taken any pictures since my arrival in HK, but things will definitely change now that I have a sexy new phone with an awesome camera.

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Kelvis said...

This little piggy went to...

Did you actually eat that thing? Yikes.