Thursday, August 31, 2006

Me and the Red Cross


Today I went to a volunteer orientation at the Red Cross.
Yes, I'm going to be a Red Cross Volunteer.

During the meeting, this occured to me.
Every year growing up we had earthquake drills. We are skilled at ducking, covering our necks, holding on to desks. Or holding on to doorways and alternate exiting strategies.

But what about my transplant friends??

For a second I was scared for them. But you guys are smart. I'm sure you'll figure it out.


Kelvis said...


We had blizzard preparedness classes where I grew up. Something tells me that we learned very different skill sets.

-Dave said...

At first reading "transplant friends" I imagined people with fresh human organs in igloo coolers at the red cross running around like crazy...then I got what you meant.

I'm a transplant and during my first earthquake here in L.A. instinct told me to get under something solid.

Growing up in New York my school
preparedness classes taught us all the uses of the phrase "F**K OFF!" and how it can save your life if used properly.

Katrina said...

hahaha!!! Transplant Friends cracks me up. For no other reason than my imagination is morbid and any time is a good time to imagine human organs running around being silly.

The brain would be wearing an army helmet, the lungs a surgical mask, and the heart a sleeve.

JAG said...

I also think of "transplant friends" as in organ transplant-friends. My mother's in kidney transplant. It's crazy stuff. So, while she's saving lives I'm going to craft...