Saturday, July 15, 2006

So Divine

I welcome myself back from a torrid love affair with the country.

I have bounced from the South to the far West to the Midwest. And now I'm back and trying to figure out how to be normal again.

The day started with brunch at a cafe in Los Feliz. It's been hot, and it was nice to sit outside in the shade. Ladies donned fabulous summer dresses. It made me happy.

I'm so out of touch with reality that last week I pulled out white pants and thought, is this ok to wear? is it after Memorial Day? This was strange because #1, it was 4th of July and obviously way after Memorial Day and #2, I've never been concerned with wearing white at any time of the year.

So I am back and getting settled. Summer is here and the goal is to have an even better summer than the last one. It all starts with the return of Frienship Night. Stay tuned for daily friendship as I recap the last few months.

And that's the news!

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sagar raha said...

all the best for ur summer. may u hv the best summer ever.