Friday, July 08, 2005

Beyond Panoche

Their stories must be told.

It was the last weekend of June, and I was called upon to be a traveling companion up the 5.

We were lucky to have an easy drive, and came across some delightful people at our pit stops. Bless their hearts. We pulled over at Panoche. We weren't about to take our chances with Little Panoche.

We arrived in the beautiful town of San Juan Bautista.

Or was it Universal Studios?

Pulled up the hotel, which was fully equipped with a jacuzzi tub and dual shower heads. This was the highlight of the weekend.

We grabbed some lunch and ran off to the wedding.

We walked to our destination. Apparently proceeding two streets by foot is unheard of by the hotel staff.

Arrived at the mission... but it was the wrong wedding...

So after much confusion, we popped our heads around the side of a building.

Aha! This is where everyone was hiding.

They cut the cake, which was many flavors of evil goodness.

And all night proclaimed, "She's so beautiful. They love each other!"

Oh, Marie. I hope the pictures never surface of us dancing with the stars to Billy Idol and Kelly Clarkson. Yes, as expected, Marie and Jag got this party started...

The next day, we grabbed some coffee and said good bye to the town. Good-bye San Andreas Fault!

If you can get over the earthquakes, traffic, smog, over-crowding... California is gorgeous.

Next stop, TAFT!

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