Thursday, May 19, 2005

Phrendship in Phoenix

It's that time of the year, when I make my annual jaunt to the great state of Arizona.

After six years of terror and triumph, my dear friend Gillian graduated from Scottsdale Community College. Yes, that's right, she's an SCC Artichoke. Oh, excuse me, Nurse Artichoke now. Nurse Artichoke Gill starts her new job this summer at Los Angeles Children's Hospital, and so begins my campaign to bring all of my AZ friends to the City of Angeles.

I met Gill when I was a freshman at UofA. She was a senior in high school and was friends with my next door neighbor in the dorm. Instead of going to the prom, she escorted us to Nogales, Mexico. (What was the name of that bar?) And we had more fun anyway.

It was the perfect opportunity for all of us former Wildcats to convene. Erin was never a Wildcat, although she went to Tucson in '97 when we won the championship and her grandpappy was a Wildcat so we'll just call her an honorary one. This is Erin, Jay, and Meredith post graduation ceremony.

Every Angeleno needs a Thomas Guide!

The graduation dinner was held at Macaroni Grill. You can't beat that bread. The room was filled with friends and many many family members. Bellinis were flowing, and the pop was spiked. Thanks again to Christine and Charles for hosting.

At the graduation there was a slide show. Gill wasn't appearing in any of the pictures. Maybe she was photo shy, or perhaps since she had already secured a job she stopped going to class. At any rate, Jay suggested we cheer for our friend when the next inanimate object appeared in the slideshow. A dummy appeared, you know, a CPR dummy, and the Gill cheer section roared in applause.

Seven Years Late for the Prom.

Devil's Martini in Old Scottsdale

Everybody in the club's gettin tipsy

No one told us to wear a button down.

I ♥ my old roomie.

Check out this collagen'd lady. She was awesome.

Look out fellas, she's lookin for a new baby's daddy!

Next day... after a long afternoon of shopping we caught up with the Rods at Jillians Bar/Restaurant/Playground.

Easy as ABC! Big sis Arianna with twins Cahryn and Brylee.

We know that all roads lead to Ikea. So this is where our journey ends.

Thank you to Erin and Sadie for your hospitality.

Thank you to the roommates for driving up from the old pueblo.

Thank you Gillian for becoming a nurse and giving us a reason to get together and celebrate.

Thank you Xian for flying out from the east coast to have Sonic with me. Sorry I can't make it to your graduation Mr. JD.

The End.


JWG said...

hey guys,

looks like more fun. I am trying. There is Tucson. The U of A. I recognize people in pictures. But from where? Don’t tell me…. It will come


Kermito247 said...

The Tucson Krew rocks!! Especially the hot chick who is looking for the next baby's daddy!! We have to do it again sometime!